Sunday, October 28, 2007

Edmonton Code Camp 2007

Last week I was at the University of Alberta attending the Edmonton Code Camp 2007.

The Code Camp is a one day developer conference driven by the local developer community. It happened on Saturday October 21. I was very impressed with the organization and quality of the presentations. I am glad that we have such an engaging .NET community in Edmonton volunteering to organize an event like this.

I attended the following sessions: Introduction to TDD, NHibernate, MonoRail, and Alt.NET.

Some technologies and tools that were presented through these sessions:
  • Rhino Mocks: a dynamic mock object framework.
  • Windsor Container: Inversion of control container.
  • ActiveWriter: an addin for Visual Studio 2005 to design a domain model and to generate code decorated with ActiveRecord attributes.
Some recommended books:

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