Monday, April 20, 2009

LIDNUG LinkedIn .NET Users Group

Linked .NET Users Group (LIDNUG) is an official INETA .NET User Group with online presentations through Live Meeting.

These are some upcoming events in the next few weeks:
You can also have their complete schedule from the following calendar links:
I am looking forward to attend their presentations. Enjoy!!


Brian H. Madsen said...

Hey Luis,

Thanks for the plug for our upcoming events.

I just wanted to add one little thing (well, two actually).

for Brian Harry's event we have a major prize, worth around $2,000+ which is a complete training subscription, for a full year, courtesy of InnerWorkings (

for Scott Guthrie's event we have a MSDN Premium VS 2008 Subscription (worth about US$10,000+) courtesy of..well, me.

Luis Rocha said...

Thanks Brian for the additional info!

I think it is a great idea of having an online .NET user group, and also giving all these great prizes!! :-)


Brian H. Madsen said...

Hey Luis,

Thanks for the generous feedback.

we're working hard at getting as much value to our members as possible - be it by offering great prizes, awesome presenters, special offers from third party vendors or even just by building the strong community that we have further.

LIDNUG is now well and truly past 23,000 members and growing steadily.

it's proof that VWE (Virtual World Evangelism - works well and can continue to thrive..Zain Naboulsi from Microsoft has been advocating it for a long time and he's been a great help in order to get this running as smoothly as we now are.

Hope to see you there.


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