Saturday, March 28, 2009

VMware is slow or hangs on Ubuntu when running virtual machines from NTFS partitions

I have an external hard drive (WD My Passport, highly recommended!) where I keep all my virtual machines and use it with my desktop (Windows 7) and laptop (Ubuntu 8.10). When I use Ubuntu as host, WMware hangs when starting virtual machines stored on my external HD (NTFS partition). If I copy these VMs to the host ext3 partition, then VMware works fine.

In order to run virtual machines stored on a NTFS partition by using VMware on a Linux host, you will need to add the following entry to your configuration file (.vmx file):


This entry will disable paging files and VMware will work fine, often with a much better performance. For more details, see here. After I added this entry to my .vmx files, I was able to successfully run all my virtual machines from the NTFS partition.


Anonymous said...

I'm restarting Ubuntu for the 3rd time and I couldn't even install XP yet. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Fix did the job!

Anonymous said...

You've just saved my day.

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