Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 released today!

Canonical Ltd. released today Ubuntu 8.10 which comes with new cool features such as the 3G network support. You will be able to use your 3G cellphone network to connect your laptop to the Internet. The new features include:
  • 3G Network support.
  • Write Ubuntu to and Install from a USB Drive: Ubuntu will allow users to write Ubuntu to a USB drive, even a modified version of Ubuntu with their data on it, so it can be carried everywhere to plug in and use on any machine.
  • Guest Sessions: guest sessions allow users to lock down a session easily so a guest can use the full system without interference with programs or data.
  • BBC Content available through Ubuntu default media players.
If you are installing it on a new machine, then you can download it from here. Or if you are upgrading from 8.04, then you can just upgrade through the network, by following the instructions from here.

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